Changes in nomenclature of animals included in Lists of Wild Animals under Special State Protection in China and impacts on wildlife conservation

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  • ReceivedAug 27, 2019
  • AcceptedNov 16, 2019
  • PublishedJan 7, 2020


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  • Table 1   Changes in the number of species of taxa in Lists of Wild Animals under Special State Protection in China


    物种数Number of Species


    Old Nomenclature System


    New Nomenclature System

    哺乳纲 MAMMALIA

    蜂猴(所有种)Nycticebus spp.



    叶猴(所有种)Presbytis spp.



    金丝猴(所有种)Rhinopithecus spp.



    长臂猿(所有种)Hylobates spp.



    水獭(所有种)Lutra spp.









    麝(所有种) Moschus spp.



    鸟纲 AVES

    鹈鹕(所有种)Pelecanus spp.



    鲣鸟(所有种)Sula spp.



    天鹅(所有种)Cygnus spp.









    雪鸡(所有种)Tetraogallus spp.



    虹雉(所有种)Lophophorus spp.



    锦鸡(所有种)Chrysolophus spp.



    鸨(所有种)Otis spp.



    绿鸠(所有种)Treron spp.



    皇鸠(所有种)Ducula spp.



    鹃鸠(所有种)Macropygia spp.






    鸦鹃(所有种)Centropus spp.















    珊瑚纲 ANTHOZOA

    红珊瑚Corallium spp.



    昆虫纲 INSECTA

    彩臂金龟(所有种)Cheirotonus spp.




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