SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, Volume 50 , Issue 5 : 649-661(2020) https://doi.org/10.1360/SSI-2019-0172

Multi-source relational data fusion

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  • ReceivedAug 16, 2019
  • AcceptedSep 30, 2019
  • PublishedApr 23, 2020


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  • Figure 1

    (Color online) Multi-source relational data fusion framework

  • Figure 2

    Time comparison of schema matching

  • Figure 3

    (Color online) Evaluation of entity alignment results. (a) Precision; (b) recall; (c) F1-score

  • Figure 4

    (Color online) Multi-source relational data fusion platform


    Algorithm 1 Schema matching algorithm based on Hungarian

    Input:$n$ tables to be aligned: tbs;

    Output:Schema matching results: bestmatches_list;

    1: function multimatch(tbs)

    2: Feature_list $\Leftarrow$ feature_extraction(tbs);//Extract feature

    3: foridx1,idx2 initertools.combinations(range(len(Feature list)), 2)

    4: DisMatrix $\Leftarrow$ Combination(Feature_lis[idx1], Feature_lis[idx2]);//Generate distance matrix

    5: bestmatches $\Leftarrow$ Hungarian(DisMatrix);//Find the best matches with Hungarian

    6: bestmatches list.append(bestmatches);

    7: end for

    8: return bestmatches list.

    9: end function

  • Table 1   Feature extraction
    Features of string type Features of int/float type
    ItemLetterAverage ItemAverage
    LetterVariationCoefficient ItemVariationCoefficient
    LetterProbabliity ItemProbability
  • Table 2   Evaluation of schema matching results
    Evaluating indicator 2 tables 3 tables 4 tables 5 tables 6 tables 7 tables
    Recall (%) 77.2 77.2 77.2 77.1 77.1 77.0
    Precision (%) 27.2 27.2 27.1 27.1 27.1 27.1
    Evaluating indicator 8 tables 9 tables 10 tables 11 tables 12 tables Average
    Recall (%) 76.9 76.8 76.7 76.5 76.4 77.1
    Precision (%) 27.1 27.1 27.0 27.0 27.0 27.1

    Algorithm 2 Entity matching algorithm based on Magellan

    Input:Two tables to be aligned: tb1, tb2; Matched attribute pairs: schema_correlations;


    1: function:Magellan(tb1, tb2, schema correlations);

    2: data1,data2 $\Leftarrow$ ( loaddata(tb1, tb2);

    3: C $\Leftarrow$ ( overlap coefficient_join(data1, data2, schema correlations);//blocking

    4: S $\Leftarrow$ ( diversity sample(C);//sampling

    5: Label $\Leftarrow$ ( load labeled sample(labeled path); // Label candidate pairs in S with 0/1 manually, which means non-matched/matched respectively and load it;

    6: F $\Leftarrow$ ( feature extract(Labeled);

    7: Train, Test $\Leftarrow$ ( split(F);

    8: for match in matchers; //decision tree, random forest, support vector machine $\cdots$

    9: model, result $\Leftarrow$ ( cross validation(match, Train);//training

    10: bestmodel, bestresult $\Leftarrow$ ( compare(model, result);

    11: end for

    12: predictions $\Leftarrow$ ( best model.predict(Test);//evaluation

    13: eval result $\Leftarrow$ ( eval matches(predictions);

    14: candset feature $\Leftarrow$ ( feature extract(C);

    15: alignment results $\Leftarrow$ ( best model.predict(candset feature);//prediction

    16: fusion results $\Leftarrow$ ( formalize(alignment results);//data collation and specification

    17: return fusion results.

    18: end function

  • Table 3   Schema matching results of single-source and multi-source data
    Fusion type Source table1 Source table2 Match results Profit
    Single-source l_水务局行政许可 r_水务局行政处罚 l_行政相对人名称 r_行政相对人名称 0.7019
    l_统一社会信用代码 r_统一社会信用代码 0.5454
    l_保健食品生产单位证件信息 r_保健食品企业标准备案信息 l_名称 r_企业名称 0.8501
    Multi-source l_水务局行政许可 r_企业信息 l_统一社会信用代码 r_creditcode 0.8067
    l_行政相对人名称 r_name 0.7079
    l_食品生产企业 r_标准化达标信息 l_企业名称 r_企业名称 0.7169
  • Table 4   Fusion results of multi-source data
    Single-source l_统一社会信用代码 l_行政相对人名称 r_统一社会信用代码 r_行政相对人名称 Incomplete match reasons
    91110105M****MYD5M 北京伯佳诊所有限公司 91110105M****MYD5M 北京嘉树广渠诊所有限公司 Changed company name
    4****289-0 北京市建筑工程研究院有限责任公司 911101084****2890C 北京市建筑工程研究院有限责任公司 Inconsistent entries of credit code
    91110105****4838H 北京招商局物业管理有限公司招商局大厦 911101057****4838H 北京招商局物业管理有限公司 Incorrect entries of credit code and inconsistent entries of company name
    l_名称 r_企业名称 Incomplete match reasons
    北京中研万通科技有限责任公司保健食品厂 北京中研万通科技中心 Inconsistent entries of company name
    华润紫竹药业有限公司 北京紫竹药业有限公司
    Multi-source 水务局行政许可&企业信息
    l_统一社会信用代码 l_行政相对人名称 r_creditCode r_name Incomplete match reasons
    911101067****5204Q 北京八方达客运有限责任公司保修分公司 911101067****5204Q 北京公共交通控股(集团)有限公司第二保修分公司 Changed company name
    91110006****2434H 东方艺术大厦有限公司 911100006****2434H 东方艺术大厦有限公司 Inconsistent entries of credit code
    911101056****9797T 北京湄洲三苏大酒楼有限公司 911101056****3797T 北京湄州三苏大酒楼有限公司 Incorrect entries of credit code and inconsistent entries of company name
    l_企业名称 r_企业名称 Incomplete match reasons
    北京航天农业生物科技有限公司 北京首诚航天农业生物科技有限公司 Inconsistent entries of company name
    宝健中国有限公司 宝健中国日用品有限公司