SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, Volume 49 , Issue 9 : 1119-1137(2019) https://doi.org/10.1360/N112018-00264

Cloud computing development environment: from code logic to dataflow diagram

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  • ReceivedOct 12, 2018
  • AcceptedJan 18, 2019
  • PublishedSep 3, 2019


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  • Figure 1

    (Color online) Coding WebIDE, an editor-level development environment. (a) Screenshot; (b) basic architecture

  • Figure 2

    (Color online) Google App Engine (GAE), an application-level development environment. (a) Screenshot; protectłinebreak (b) basic architecture

  • Figure 3

    (Color online) Aliyun function compute service. (a) Screenshot; (b) basic architecture

  • Figure 4

    (Color online) Amazon Cloud9, an integrated development environment (screenshot)

  • Figure 5

    (Color online) Examples of Cloud Studio's basic building blocks

  • Figure 6

    (Color online) Process orchestration of Cloud Studio (screenshot)

  • Figure 7

    (Color online) Automatic system monitoring of Cloud Studio (screenshot)

  • Figure 8

    (Color online) Run-time system architecture of Cloud Studio

  • Table 1   Mainstream cloud computing development environments
    Classification Systems (sorted mostly by popularity)
    Home-brewed development environments LAMP [15]
    Spontaneously maintained standard components by communities Google Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack, Hadoop, Spark, Gitlab [16], Mesos [17],Grafana [18], Prometheus [19], Jenkins [20], Jaeger [21]
    Managed development environments Editor-style development environments CodeAnywhere Cloud IDE [22],Jupyter Notebook [23],Coding WebIDE [12],ShiftEdit [24],NeutronDrive [25]
    Application-level development environments Google App Engine (GAE) [9],AWS Elastic Beanstalk [26],Heroku [27], Google Firebase [28],Red Hat OpenShift [29],Huawei DevCloud [11], Codio [30], Sina App Engine (SAE) [31],Baidu App Engine (BAE) [32], Leancloud [33], AppScale [34]
    Function-level development environments AWS Lambda [35],Google Cloud Functions [36],Microsoft Azure Functions [37],IBM OpenWhisk [38],Aliyun Function Compute [10],Tencent Cloud Function [39],Auth0 WebTasks [40],Kubeless [41],Fission [42],Spotinst [43]
    Integrated development environments AWS Cloud9 [8],Tsinghua Cloud Studio [13]
    Domain-specific development environments Google AutoML Vision [44],IBM Watson IoT [45],4 Paradigm Prophet [46],Aliyun PAI [47],Amazon Sagemaker [48],JD AI NeuHub [49],Microsoft Azure Bot Service [50],WeChat IOT service [51],Baidu IOT platform [52],Ubidots [53]