SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, Volume 49 , Issue 2 : 216-228(2019) https://doi.org/10.1360/N112018-00198

Generation of Thangka relief from line drawings

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  • ReceivedJul 29, 2018
  • AcceptedOct 18, 2018
  • PublishedFeb 15, 2019


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  • Figure 1

    System overview

  • Figure 2

    (Color online) Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara. (a) Line drawing; (b) color labeling

  • Figure 3

    (Color online) Low frequency component processing of the relief model. (a) Human figure region in Thangka; (b) distance transform of human figure region; (c) low frequency component of the relief model

  • Figure 4

    (Color online) Limb regions processing. (a) Drawing arm and leg shapes; (b) arm and leg masks; (c) arm and leg control pictures; (d) result of Poisson diffusion

  • Figure 5

    (Color online) Improved limb regions processing. (a) Body figure mask; (b) distance transform of limbs; (c) result of Poisson diffusion

  • Figure 6

    (Color online) Fingers and toes enhanced processing. (a) Positions to be enhanced; (b) result of Poisson diffusion; (c) enhanced relief

  • Figure 7

    Gray-scale control pictures of local face regions and generated relief. (a) Eyelid; (b) nose; (c) ala nasi; (d) left and right sides of bridge; (e) left and right sides of philtrum; (f) philtrum; (g) upper lip; (h) relief generated

  • Figure 8

    (Color online) Adding black and white seeds in cloth regions. (a) Mask of region of interest; (b) drawing lines interactively; (c) adding black and white seeds; (d) relief generated

  • Figure 9

    (Color online) Jewel ornaments processing. (a) Jewel ornaments mask; (b) gray scale control picture; (c) relief generated

  • Figure 10

    Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara. (a) and (b) Two views of generated relief

  • Figure 11

    Sakyamuni Buddha. (a) Line drawing; (b) relief generated

  • Figure 12

    Green Tara. (a) Line drawing; (b) relief generated

  • Figure 13

    Greek goddess Athena. (a) Line drawing; (b) relief generated

  • Table 1   Computational time and interaction time spent on different regions
    Region size (pixel) Solving Poisson Interactive operations Interaction
    equations (s) time (min)
    Body region 1030$\times$1194 48.8 Delete lines inside body region $<5$
    Limbs 1030$\times$1194 42.73 Add lines of arms and legs $<10$
    as well as control picture
    Face 241$\times$276 16.05 Select eyes and mouth interactively $<1$
    Left side 502$\times$1135 1.78 Assign white and $<1$
    background light black seeds interactively
    Light around head 762$\times$723 2.33 Assign white and black $<1$
    seeds interactively
    Hair and 694$\times$819 2.42 Select hair and $<3$
    jewel ornaments jewel ornaments
    Clouds, mountains 2008$\times$2799 46.12 Add boundary $<3$
    and water waves constraints interactively

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