SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, Volume 47 , Issue 5 : 637(2017) https://doi.org/10.1360/N112017-00044

The characteristics study of mobile instantaneous messaging traffic in cellular network

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  • ReceivedFeb 16, 2017
  • AcceptedMar 20, 2017
  • PublishedMay 4, 2017


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  • Figure 1

    (Color online) The working mechanism of mobile instaneous messaging service in cellular networks

  • Figure 2

    (Color online) The comparison between heavy-tailed distribution and exponential distribution

  • Figure 3

    (Color online) The network architecture of GSM/UMTS/LTE co-operating cellular networks

  • Figure 4

    (Color online) The spatial traffic density of mobile instantaneous messaging service in a random selected region with 23 active base stations. (a) 4:00 a.m.; (b) 10:00 a.m.; (c) 4:00 p.m.; (d) 10:00 p.m.

  • Figure 7

    (Color online) The modeling results of the aggregated traffic in a randomly selected base station for Wechat

  • Figure 8

    (Color online) (a)$\sim$(d) The accuracy after fitting the aggregated traffic in four randomly selected base stations by $\alpha$-stable models; (e) the PDF of fitting $\Psi(\omega)$ with respect to $ \ln (\omega) $ by using a linear function; (f) the PDF of fitted $\alpha$ values

  • Table 1   The modeling accuracy in terms of RMSE for Wechat
    Name PDF Message length Inter-arrival time Aggregated traffic
    Power-law $ax^{-b}$ 9.76E$-$59.25E$-$5 0.0357
    Geometric $(1-a)^xa$ 607E$-$5 48.0E$-$5 0.0258
    Exponential $a{\rm e}^{-bx}$ 56.0E$-$5 22.9E$-$5 0.0899
    Weibull $abx^{b-1}{\rm e}^{-ax^b}$ 65.8E$-$5 8.08E$-$5 0.0470
    Lognormal $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi}bx}{\rm e}^{-\frac{(\ln x -a)^2}{2b^2}} $ 34.0E$-$5 7.44E$-$5 0.0491
    $\alpha$-stable 790E$-$5 170E$-$5 0.0144