Journal of Energy Chemistry, Volume 28 : 54-60(2019) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jechem.2017.10.021

An imine-linked covalent organic framework as the host material for sulfur loading in lithium–sulfur batteries

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  • ReceivedAug 29, 2017
  • AcceptedOct 26, 2017
  • PublishedNov 3, 2017



The authors are grateful for financial aid from the National Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (Grant No. 2016A030310435) and Youth Scholars Fundation of South China Normal University (Grant No. 15KJ01).

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  • Fig. 1

    (a) Schematic representation of the synthesis of the TAPB-PDA-COF; (b) FT-IR spectroscopy of TAPB-PDA-COF and TAPB.

  • Fig. 2

    (a) Synthesis and the charge and discharge process of the TAPB-PDA-COF/S composite; (b) Powder X-ray diffraction patterns of TAPB-PDA-COF, element sulfur and TAPB-PDA-COF/S composite; (c) The XPS spectra of TAPB-PDA-COF and sulfur composite powder; (d) N2 absorption/desorption isotherms of the TAPB-PDA-COF and TAPB-PDA-COF/S composite; (e) The pore size distribution curve of the TAPB-PDA-COF.

  • Fig. 3

    (a) SEM image of the TAPB-PDA-COF; (b) SEM image of the TAPB-PDA-COF/S composite; (c) Elemental mapping of TAPB-PDA-COF (C, S, N).

  • Fig. 4

    (a) Discharge and charge profiles of the TAPB-PDA-COF/S@A-B composite at 0.2 A/g rate; (b) Discharge and charge profiles of the TAPB-PDA-COF/S@S-P composite at 0.2 A/g rate; (c) Discharge capacity for the TAPB-PDA-COF/S@A-B and TAPB-PDA-COF/S@S-P composite at different rates; (d) Cycling performance of the TAPB-PDA-COF/S@A-B and TAPB-PDA-COF/S@S-P composite at 0.2 A/g rate; (e) Cycling performance of the TAPB-PDA-COF/S@A-B and TAPB-PDA-COF/S@S-P composite at 0.4 A/g rate; (f) Cycling performance of the TAPB-PDA-COF/S@S-P composite at 2 A/g rate.

  • Fig. 5

    SEM images of charge and discharge after 30 cycles. (a) TAPB-PDA-COF/S@S-P (2 μm) and (b) TAPB-PDA-COF@S-P (500 nm); (c) TAPB-PDA-COF/S@A-B (2 μm) and (d) TAPB-PDA-COF/S@A-B (500 nm).


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