SCIENCE CHINA Life Sciences, Volume 63 , Issue 1 : 169-170(2020) https://doi.org/10.1007/s11427-019-1591-8

Decoding the secret of species coexistence: a perspective from soil fungi

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  • ReceivedNov 6, 2019
  • AcceptedNov 18, 2019
  • PublishedDec 13, 2019


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  • Figure 1

    Globally distributed forest dynamics plots of ForestGEO (Forest Global Earth Observatory) superimposed upon Whitttaker’s classic climate-biome diagram (Whittaker, 1975). Red points stand for 17 plots from CForBio (Chinese Forest Biodiversity Monitoring Network, http://www.cfbiodiv.org), and blue points for other ForestGEO plots.


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