Organic solar cells based on chlorine functionalized benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]difuran-benzo[1,2-c:4,5-c′]dithiophene-4,8-dione copolymer with efficiency exceeding 13%

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  • ReceivedNov 27, 2019
  • AcceptedJan 10, 2020
  • PublishedMar 11, 2020


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the National Natural Science Foundation of China(21674007,51825301,21975012,21875204,21875204,21734001)


This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21674007, 51825301, 21975012, 21875204, 21875204, 21734001). HYW is grateful for the financial support from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea (NRF-2019R1A2C2085290, 2019R1A6A1A11044070).

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  • Figure 1

    (a) Molecular structures of PBF1-C, PBF1-C-2Cl, and Y6. (b) Normalized absorption of PBF1-C, PBF1-C-2Cl, and Y6 films. Absorption of PBF1-C (c) and PBF1-C-2Cl (d) in chlorobenzene solutions at different temperature. (e) Energy level diagram of PBF1-C, PBF1-C-2Cl, and Y6 obtained from cyclic voltammetry measurements. 2D GIWAXS patterns for PBF1-C (f) and PBF1-C-2Cl (g) neat film (color online).

  • Figure 2

    (a) Current density-voltage (J-V) curves and (b) the corresponding EQE spectra of PBF1-C:Y6 and PBF1-C-2Cl:Y6 devices. (c) Jph versus Veff curves and (d) Jsc versus light intensity of PBF1-C:Y6 and PBF1-C-2Cl:Y6 devices (color online).

  • Figure 3

    AFM and TEM images of PBF1-C:Y6 (a–c) and PBF1-C-2Cl:Y6 (d–f) (color online).

  • Figure 4

    2D GIWAXS patterns for (a) PBF1-C:Y6 blend film, (b) PBF1-C-2Cl:Y6 blend film, and (c) the corresponding out-of-plane and in-plane line-cut profiles (the dashed line represents the in-plane direction, and the solid line shows the out-of-plane direction) (color online).

  • Table 1   Optical and electrochemical data of PBF1-C, PBF1-C-2Cl, and Y6

    λmax a) (nm)

    λmaxb) (nm)

    λonsetb) (nm)

    Egopt c) (eV)

    Eox (V)

    HOMO (eV)

    Ered (V)

    LUMO (eV)



























    In dilute chloroform solution. b) In thin film drop cast from chloroform solution. c) Estimated from empirical formula: Egopt=1240/λonset.

  • Table 2   The photovoltaic parameters of OSCs with PBF1-C:Y6 and PBF1-C-2Cl:Y6 as active layers

    Active layer

    Voc (V)

    Jsc(mA cm−2)

    Jsc,cal(mA cm−2)

    FF (%)

    PCEa) (%)





















    The average values with standard deviations were obtained from ten devices and the maximum values are shown in parenthesis.


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